Everything you could want to know about how we install artificial grass in easy to follow step by step guides

I have put together a comprehensive collection of guides that detail how Perfect Grass goes about installing artificial grass. These guides have been put together from my experience of fitting artificial grass over the last 16 years. The articles are regularly updated with the latest products and installation techniques that we use. I believe these methods of installation are some of the best available. Sure there are quicker, cheaper ways to install grass but you will see the difference between a professional artificial grass installation and a quick, cheap one in a matter of months.

Some of the guides provide step by step guidance on how we go about installing artificial grass on a whole variety of different surface. They include detailed approaches we take along with links to actual products we use in the installation process. Other guides provide recommendations and best practice for choosing products, designing a garden etc.

To give you some background on what I have done: I was the first person in the industry to use granite dust in the groundworks and now it has been adopted by a large percentage of professional artificial grass installers. We were also the first people to use and develop a ‘dog wee sand‘ to eliminate the smell of dog wee from artificial lawns. We search the world for the latest artificial grass products to give you the most realistic looking grasses and are always looking for grasses that are eco friendly.

It is my search for constant improvement in artificial grass installation that keeps us ahead of the competition and gives our customers the best possible service.

As you can imagine writing these guides, answering your comments and questions takes time and money. There are certain things you can do to support the site:

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