Artificial Grass Balcony Flooring

How to lay artificial grass on a balcony

Artificial grass is an extremely versatile product. When installed correctly it can be placed in all manner of places from the flooring on rooftops to the covers on seating. It can even be used to make  shoes. In this article we will show you how to lay artificial grass on a balcony.

We are increasingly being asked by owners of flats and apartments to install artificial grass on their balconies. For people living in flats the balcony is the one place to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine within a few feet of the home. Apart from adding some colourful pot plants to the balcony adding an artificial grass flooring can really brighten up what would otherwise be a potentially drab area.

In general we find that installing artificial grass on balconies is a relatively straightforward task. Most balconies have suitable flooring made of concrete, are relatively flat and have good drainage – an ideal surface on which to lay your artificial turf. There are always exceptions to this. Here is what you should be checking on your balcony before having a new artificial grass covering.

1. Assess the surface you are intending to install the artificial grass on

What surface are you intending to lay the grass on?

Such is the versatility of artificial grass it can be laid on concrete, paving, brick, wooden decking or just about any hard surface. If laying on wooden decking make sure there are sufficient gaps between the planks otherwise the wood will rot.

Is your surface flat?

Artificial grass shouldn’t be laid on an uneven surface, as pockets of air will form in the grass creating an uneven look. If your surface is uneven we recommend using a 6mm foam underlay. If you have a flat surface laying artificial grass directly on to it shouldn’t be a problem.

What size is your balcony?

If you have a very large balcony we suggest placing an artificial grass shape (square or circle) on just part of the balcony.  This prevents a ‘green overload’ and also gives you the chance to break up your balcony into different areas. You may for instance have a garden flower area and a BBQ eating area and a games area.

Does your flooring have good drainage?

If your drainage is poor pooling of water is likely when it rains which is bad for the artificial grass backing. The only remedy for this is to sort out the drainage before laying the grass.

2. Installing the artificial grass on a balcony

Installation of the artificial grass on the balcony is similar to the installation of the grass on the garden lawn.  The main difference is that we don’t have to do any ground works, but installing the end product is generally the same. We use Joining Tape where possible when joining the grass as we want to put as little Glue onto the balcony as possible. To secure the grass in place we will only use glue around the perimeter of the area making sure to leave gaps in the beading for drainage. We also take special care to fasten the grass around entrances to prevent trip hazards. Too much glue underneath the grass will stop water free draining under the product and also will make it very difficult to lift if required. When we fit onto a timber surface we use Fixman Round Nails around the perimeter rather than glue as the glue will break away from the wood.

3. How long will it take to install the artificial grass on my balcony?

For the average sized balcony we can install the artificial grass within half a day. Depending on the time of year you will be looking at between 1 to 3 weeks to get a booking. If you have a small balcony it is fairly easy to lay the grass yourself and you can request delivery only.

4. Which type of grass do you recommend for balconies?

Like anywhere else it is dependent on the useage of the area. If you foresee your balcony having a lot of footfall we recommend a grass with a shorter pile such as the Outfield artificial grass. If however the balcony will only receive a limited amount of use and you want the most realistic product we offer then go for the Heath artificial grass.

5. How long will the artificial grass last for on my balcony?

We have been installing artificial grass for 15 years. We still have installations that are looking great to this day that we did when we started out. It really comes down to how often the grass is used but we are confident that with average useage our artificial grass will last for up to 15 years when installed on a balcony.

6. Roughly what sort of cost would it be to install artificial grass on my balcony?

There are a lot of variables when costing an installation on a balcony. To give you an idea of what you will be paying we will price the following scenario:

– 2nd floor flat

– Easy access to the balcony

– Lift to take the artificial grass

– 10m² area of Outfield artificial grass to be installed

– Good drainage

– Flat concrete surface on which to lay the artificial grass

You will be looking at approximately £500 for the grass and installation including VAT. The work should take no more than half a day.

Hopefully by following this guide you will have a better understanding of how we lay artificial grass on a balcony. I also have a more basic guide on installing artificial grass you may wish to look at.

If you would like to find out more about Perfect Grass Ltd before deciding take a look at a great little video

It has taken me many years of hard work to be able to provide the type of artificial grass installation service we now offer. Because of the enduring attention to detail and the dedication of my team I am in the enviable position of receiving many requests from people all over the world looking for help with their artificial grass installations. Whilst this brings a huge smile to my face we are still only a relatively small family owned and run business with limited resources. We currently offer our services within Kent, South East London, Hertfordshire, Essex and parts of Surrey. Whilst I am happy to answer general questions in the comments section below from anyone it may take up to 1 week for me to get back to you. Please make sure you have read other readers questions and my answers first as your question may have already been asked.

Priority will be given to answering questions from people looking for Perfect Grass to fit and supply our own artificial grass products. Please fill out the quotation form or call us on 020 81664168

For others looking for a priority response to a specific question relating to their own installation a £50 consultation fee is charged. My goal is to respond within 48 hours in these circumstances. For this specific online assistance please email me at with your questions. I often require photographs to accompany your question in order to provide the best answer.


  1. I have a roof that is constructed in the usual way 8X2 and exterior board The 300×300 tile product varies in shade and it looks like a patchwork quilt
    I was considering laying a 6mm set of plastic areated tiles and then rolling out a 9m x 2.8m turf to ensure a running surface the roof has a fall of 25mm over 3m for drainage
    What do you think ?
    Thanks in advance !

    • Sounds spot on , if you glue around perimeter make sure you leave gaps at the lower end so water can escape. The glue acts also as a sealant and too many people use too much and end up causing drainage issues ,as well never being able to lift the grass in case of any problems underneath that may occur. regards

  2. I have a second floor balcony that is stone but recently covered with Sika membrane pro roof. Is this suitable for artificial grass ?

    • Hi , there is no issue putting grass on top of this at all , however , the issue is how you attach the grass . Ideally you would use an adhesive, but this will not only damage the roof, if you ever need to remove, or get to the roof under in . I would suggest fitting the product and try and use anything around the edges to fix ie lead flashing can be used to tuck the grass under or bolster down gap edges. I would also consider top dressing with kiln sand as this will pin it to the roof with out the use of adhesive, regards

  3. Ilive in a Retirement Home in a Flat that I own with a Balcony that the Landlord owns. I had laid an artificial lawn on top of the painted concrete floor. When my floor was repainted about 3 years ago I put the lawn back but took it up in Winter after a lot of rain. the painted floor started to break up, not the concrete
    base and the Landlords Agents said it was caused by the grass holding the heat from the sun and destroying the floor. The sun is on it from sunrise to about noon. Is this possible as the Owners have banned me from replacing the lawn ?

    • Hi, unfortunately I dont have an answer to this one as its more a paint problem . The grass will obviously cause the area to get wet underneath as the water passes through the drainage holes and then doesnt dry very quickly as the grass stops the moisture been dried in the sun . However, surely a simple repaint using a suitable paint would rectify this .Sorry cant help anymore. regards

  4. Hi, I have a metal balcony, what is the best way to secure artificial grass? Ive tried cable clips, looping through the metal slats which secures the edges but the wind blows up the middle bits making a noise when it slaps back down and my neighbours underneath are complaining about the noise 🙁 Im wondering if its possible to glue the middle sections directly to the metal underneath

    • Hi , there is no magic answer I am afraid . What you need to weigh up is glueing it on will leave permanent damage to the metal if you ever wish to remove the grass. Most exterior glues will do the job however you need to take in consideration how the water escapes if you end up sticking the area too heavily. The only other way to keep the grass in place would be to kiln sand the top to add extra weight. regards

  5. Hi Gavin. I just wanted to say thanks for the article, exactly the information I was after and all perfectly explained for a novice like me.

    Fair play to answering every single question posted here over the last 5 years as well!

  6. Hi, I have a rooftop sealed with Topseal GRP . Do you know if it possible to fit artificial grass onto this?


    • Hi there , in a word yes . Same rules as always , do not score the roof when fitting , use tape when joining and try and use as little glues as you can when fitting.

  7. Hi. We are considering artificial grass for our large fibreglass roofed extension which forms a first floor balcony area. Could you tell us if there are any issues laying on this kind of fibreglass roof? Thanks

    • Hi , I actually fitted one myself on a fibre glass roof with a reinforced glass sky light on a terrace, this weekend.
      The rules of thumb note which way the water drains and glue accordingly as the water needs to get to the channels to drain.
      The glue acts as barrier , so allow gaps for it to pass. Remember less glue as possible in case it ever needs to come up ie look for places to tuck the grass if possible.

      The other rule which applies to all roof installs be very careful when cutting the grass , as scoring the roof can have big repercussions!


  8. I have a large roof terrace on the 4th floor in Bromley. The building has a slight curve to it so there are no true lines. There is clearly an area which is sagging in the centre although this does not cause us any problems with drainage. The floor is small paving slabs but my main concern is that we get incredibly strong winds up there which have now prevented me from putting any live plants out, aswell as direct sunshine all afternoon and evening (SW facing). Have you ever had instances of turf lifting in strong wind, and if you did the installation would you come and repair in such an instance orwould we have to pay again?

    • Hi there , I have installed many times on high balconies. If as you say it is free draining slabs , I would suggest joining the grass together as normal and using join tape creating one large free draining piece. We would then glue intermittently around perimeter allowing for water to drain . Stepping on and off points and corners would be slightly more heavily stuck . This would hold the grass in place and obviously if we had fitted the product , of course we would come back free of charge to re-stick.regards

  9. I live in a rental. How easy would it be to remove the turf if we vacate leaving the balcony in original condition?

    • Hi very easy if you do not glue it , simply add weight to the corners and cut to size. You can add extra weight by adding kiln sand but makes it slightly more difficult to lift.

  10. Could you advise on the best way to use artificial grass on a small metal floored balcony. Drainage is good as it slightly slopes to one edge. Metal floor has non slip slightly raised lines in a grid pattern.

    • Hi there you can simply cut the grass to size using a Stanley knife with hooked blades, then lightly stick around the perimeter leaving gaps for the water to escape. Please note the glue is extremely strong and will mark the metal if you ever want to remove it.
      If you wish to add an underlay you can buy 5mm and 10mm underlay suitable on line, however you will still need to fix the grass around the edges.

  11. Hi there
    Please can you help! we have large roof top balcony.
    We are applying marine boards than fibre glass to make water tight balcony which is also ceiling to basement room (good drainage around 4 inch slope)water will go to gutter.

    Please also do you think fibre is the best method to make it water tight.

    Can I now lay artificial grass on it directly or do I need something in between the fibre glass and the grass for better drainage so grass and fibre glass don’t stay damp.

    My worry is the fibre glass and the back of the glass will stay wet and smelly due to the damp.

    • Hi there. This isn’t something I have every used. We have laid on marine ply before, the problem is the water gets in between the ply where it is cut.
      The fibre glass may protect this but it can also warp in the sun and doesn’t stop water getting inbetween the cut edges.
      If you do go down this route when you fit the grass only lightly glue it to the fibre glass so the water can escape.

  12. We’re looking to put artificial grass on a balcony and just wondering if the best product is the tile type for drainage or rolling out the turf style strips?

    • Hi simply buy the correct size off the roll to fit and cut to shape. You may be able to find an offcut if the area isn’t too large. Do not over glue, just very lightly in corners so water can escape.

  13. We have a small first floor balcony 2m wide x 2.6m long with good drainage falling to a gutter. It is covered with asphalt which is in good order and watertight. At present there is timber decking on the balcony which we will take up. We have a depth of about 65mm from the bottom of the door sill to the asphalt. Will the glue affect the asphalt if we glue around the perimeter?

    Also will the grass dry out quickly after rain or will it remain damp for many hours?

    • Hi there as long as the asphalt is in good condition and does not puddle.
      Apply a light glueing around the perimeter leaving one foot gaps, every foot or so, which will allow the water to escape.
      Do not glue too heavily around the gutter and don’t forget if there is a problem you may have to get the grass up, so as little glue as necessary.
      One other point cut the grass folded over to the backing so you do not score the roof!

  14. What sort of underlay would ensure good drainage on a wooden terrace?
    We only have 3cm clearance under french doors, so were looking at a 6mm underlay like this . Is this good enough?

    • Hi there I personally don’t think you have enough depth for an underlay if you only have 30 mm you will only be able to put a 25mm grass on it .
      The underlay we used to use was from Hitech but the drainage was poor (it only drained between sheets and not through it) .
      Why do you need underlay are the deck boards wide ? You may then want to consider taking up the deck and using some marine ply if this is the case , however it will be expensive to do it this way.
      If the deck boards are in good condition and not too far apart I would simply lay on top.

    • Hi we never use glue when fixing to a deck etc as the glue is so strong it simply breaks the timber and pulls away after a while.
      Simply nail it into place using 3/4 inch nails with small heads.

  15. We have a balcony (roughly three and a half metres by three and a half metres. It stands on what is the flat roof of an extension but is all properly constructed to hold a balcony . It is covered in Firestone Rubber roofing so naturally we would not wish to puncture it or stick anything to it. Would it be feasible to use a good quality artificial turf and roughly what would be the cost for supplying and laying it?
    Thank you

    • Hi there you would have to work out how you wanted it fixed. Gluing can be done in small amounts however if you need to get under the roof for any reason it will cause issues to lift.
      The only other way would be to top dress the area with kiln adding weight, however you would need to be sure this is ok for building regs.
      The area is very small and personally it wouldn’t be cost effective for us to fit.

  16. We have a balcony that we are looking to lay artificial grass on – the flooring of it is wooden slats. When it rains would this cause excessive water to pool and then drip more than usual through to the neighbor below us?

    • Hi there Im afraid you are going to have to resolve that issue before even considering artificial grass . The slats would need resolving and the drainage problem resolving before replacing either the slats or marine ply to fit your grass on top off.

      • Hi Gavin, we’ve installed artificial grass (on 10mm shockpad underlay) on our balcony and wondering if its usual practise to use kiln dried sand to keep the pile up? Will it wash off in rain, or could it damage the EPDM rubber roof? Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

        • Hi , I never understand the use of a shock pad as these are designed for under climbing frames, unless the actual balcony was very uneven ? Kiln sand is being used less and less nowadays due to the grasses become so dense its not required, however it may be used to add weight to hold the grass and shock pads in place. The sand will not do any damage however if any of the products are glued to the base this will obviously cause damage. regards

  17. Hi there 🙂

    Our balcony is tiny – only about 3m x 2m. We have a slight problem with the drainage though – the drain bit is at the highest point. Is there some sort of deep plastic mesh that can sit underneath so that we can still step on it when the balcony hasn’t completely dried? What sort of price would we be looking at for the grass (delivery only)? Thank you!

    • Hi there , unfortunately you will need to address the drainage issues first. I would suggest using a self leveling compound to sort out the dips so water can flow towards the drain .The grass will squash down onto the surface whatever you put under it and anything like a loose aggregate will simply wash away .Grass wise unfortunately it would not be cost effective for me to deliver a piece that size , however I do have offcuts for £50 for that size which can be collected from our yard in Bexley.

  18. Hello
    I have measured my balcony.
    It is 230cm X 367.5cm
    Can you give me the price of the Outfield artificial grass please?
    I have two small dogs and I’m concerned that they will think that it is acceptable to pee on it!
    If this should happen, is there a particular product to clean it with? I read somewhere that it

    • Hi, there are a couple of products on the market that can lift the smell. The problem for your area is that due to the size you will end up having
      issues if the dogs are allowed to go out there as they think its a grassed area and the wee can not escape. My advice would be to keep them off if you are going to get this done.
      To buy the grass £179.50 inc vat (we wouldn’t fit this)

  19. Could you give me an estimate for supply only. It’s for s rugby club balcony. The size is 8 meters x 5 metes. It would need to be fire proof. Also is it posible to have white lines on it to give it a pitch feel.

    • Hi there, I do not sell a product with lines. They have to be but on after (this isn’t something I get involved in).
      Prices would start from approx £720 inc vat ex delivery.

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