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Best way to clean your artificial grass in 2022

This post contains my latest research and methods on how to best clean an artificial grass lawn to rid it of bad smells and odours and to thoroughly clean the grass fibres.

It is a follow up post to the best way to remove odour from artificial grass in 2021.

I have again been testing and modifying my methods to come up with the simplest, most effective way of cleaning artificial grass.

I am so excited with my latest method that I have launched a new company, The Artificial Grass Cleaning Company Ltd to provide this exclusive service. Here is a sample of what the cleaning service offers.

Take your dirty, dull flattened lawn

That has been trodden on and played on

debris removed

Power blow the turf

To get rid of any loose debris


Brush the lawn

To remove dirt, hair etc

dirty lawn

Thoroughly clean the grass

Using our commercial cleaning system

Cleaning Machine

Power brush

To raise the grass fibres

Brush Cleaning

A clean and rejuvenated lawn

Like the day it was installed

Fresh lawn

This method requires no infill in the lawn like Zeofil. From my testing so far if you use this service a couple of times a year along with some basic maintenance on a monthly basis your lawn will look and smell great.

For further information on artificial grass cleaning services head over to the AGCC website.

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