Triangular shaped garden

How to fit artificial grass in a Triangular shaped garden

A triangular shaped garden is a notoriously challenging area. The pointed part of the garden triangle can be a waste of space especially if you have a small garden.

So to fit artificial grass in the triangular space is a good idea because it requires little maintenance and gives you a useable area. Here I will show you how we went about installing artificial grass on this triangular shaped lawn.

Project in New Eltham with a Triangular shaped lawn

The owner of this garden in New Eltham, London had struggled to cut and maintain the grass in his garden in the pointed section and was left was an untidy, unattractive garden.

On top of that the garden looked even smaller because a new patio had been fitted which was a good 18 inches above the grass level.

Our idea was to bring the grass up to the level of the patio and then install artificial grass which doesn’t need the maintenance of real grass.

For the groundworks we needed to install 9 tonnes of Type 1 topped with granite dust. This brought the garden lawn level with the patio. To keep the aggregates in place and to stop the fence panels being pushed out of place we secured 2″ x 3″ timbers around the perimiter. These timbers were also used to fix the grass to.

Untidy triangular shaped garden

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