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Perfect Grass on Sarah Beeny’s TV Show Renovate Don’t Relocate

Perfect Grass were delighted to be chosen to install artificial grass on Sarah Beeny’s television show

Perfect Grass were delighted to be chosen to install artificial grass on Sarah Beeny’s television show Renovate Don’t Relocate Series 2, Episode 19. In this popular television show Sarah Beeny revisits Jo and her daughter Jade from Maidstone in Kent. One year ago Sarah had visited them and advised on some improvements to the interior of the house which had now been completed. Now they were looking to match the garden with the interior of the house to complete the project.

Jo wanted lots from the new outdoor space. She wanted a great area for the kids and dogs to play in and an area to socialise in. This all had to be easy to maintain. Sarah Beeny advised on a new patio and artificial grass area to achieve these objectives.

This is when we were brought in and asked to install the artificial grass. To begin with a landscaper ripped out the old patio and put in a new neutral stone patio. Whilst doing this work they dug out the lawn area for us and added the Type 1 and membrane. Mitchell and Reese from Perfect Grass then got to work putting in the timber fixings around the perimeter, adding the Granno dust before fitting the Spring artificial grass in 3 pieces. As usual these pieces of grass were expertly joined together and nailed to the perimeter fixings to complete the work.

When asked about the artificial grass installation Reese (Manager at Perfect Grass) said. “It was a lovely sunny day and the job was pretty straight forward. The only issue we had was one of our vans got hit by a huge shovel loading machine on the first day of shooting and got written off, so I was panicking as whether we could complete the job in the short time frame we were given being one van down. Luckily we could”.

The end result was great and Jo and her daughter were delighted with their new garden. The house was now suitable for all the family to enjoy.

Watch the Episode on Youtube

Forward to 12 minutes 30 seconds on the video if you want to go straight to watch Perfect Grass fitting the lawn.

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