A guide to measuring your garden

It can be difficult working out just how much artificial grass you need to order to cover your lawn.

Below is a brief guide on how best to calculate the artificial grass you need for your new lawn. If you are still unsure on the exact quantities you need please give us a call on 020 81664168 and we will be happy to help.

All our artificial grass is supplied in 2m and 4m wide rolls. Please use the measurement guide below to calculate how much artificial grass is required. Remember:

– The pile of the artificial grass must always be laid in the same direction to obtain the best join and to have a consistent looking colour. We generally recommend having the pile of the grass facing away from the kitchen window.

– Order slightly more than your area for the grass will need to be trimmed at the joins.

– Calculate to put the joins on the shortest lengths

– Try to have as few a joins as possible

How to measure garden

Should you have a circular lawn you need to measure the diameter of the lawn (widest part) and base you calculations on that.