When is the best time to lay artificial grass?

Late autumn is the best time to lay artificial grass

We are often asked when is the best time to lay artificial grass? In our opinion late autumn is one of the best times.

Although you can lay artificial grass anytime of the year (in the UK), with temperatures starting to drop below 10 degrees, which is the minimum soil temperature needed for grass to grow, and with wet weather more likely your existing grass will not grow and the hard bare soil will turn to mud.

Why is autumn the best time to fit artificial grass?

You will see many more benefits to fitting artificial grass in the autumn:

  • A mud free outdoor space for the winter. Especially good if you have dogs or kids who use the garden regularly during the winter.
  • Good looking useable outdoor space all winter long. Get the outdoor heaters out and some protection from the wind and you could be barbecuing all winter.
  • No maintenance – If you are trying to maintain a real grass lawn autumn is the time of the year when there is a lot of hard work. You may have to sow new seeds or re-lay the grass entirely along with fertilizing, raking, aerating etc
  • Fix your poor drainage. If your lawn tends to flood we can often help with drainage issues in the lawn by putting in soakways or advising on a suitable course of action before fitting artificial grass.
  • Get your grass fitted quicker. Many people like to lay artificial grass during the spring/summer time when they are using it most which means it is harder to get a slot with the better artificial grass installation companies. Take advantage of a quieter time to get yours laid in the autumn without a long wait.
Artificial lawn fitted in autumn ready for whatever the winter brings

A few easy steps to get your lawn looking great

  1. Measure your garden. Follow our guide on doing this.
  2. Pick up your phone and call us for a free quote on 020 81664168 or fill out an online form
  3. Agree a scope of the work and the price, agree a date to start and we will do the rest.
  4. Generally a small to medium size lawn with good access will take oen to two days work. You will be left with a great looking lawn which is winter ready and will last for many years.


It has taken me many years of hard work to be able to provide the type of artificial grass installation service we now offer. Because of the enduring attention to detail and the dedication of my team I am in the enviable position of receiving many requests from people all over the world looking for help with their artificial grass installations. Whilst this brings a huge smile to my face we are still only a relatively small family owned and run business with limited resources. We currently offer our services within Kent, South East London, Hertfordshire, Essex and parts of Surrey. Whilst I am happy to answer general questions in the comments section below from anyone it may take up to 1 week for me to get back to you. Please make sure you have read other readers questions and my answers first as your question may have already been asked.

Priority will be given to answering questions from people looking for Perfect Grass to fit and supply our own artificial grass products. Please fill out the quotation form or call us on 020 81664168

For others looking for a priority response to a specific question relating to their own installation a £50 consultation fee is charged. My goal is to respond within 48 hours in these circumstances. For this specific online assistance please email me at info@perfectgrassltd.co.uk with your questions. I often require photographs to accompany your question in order to provide the best answer.

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