Best Artificial Grass Installer

How to choose the best artificial grass installer

I get asked all the time what makes one artificial grass installer any different from the next? And why does one artificial grass installer quote a lot less than another?

There are so many people claiming to be artificial grass installation experts it can be hard to choose the best person for your job. Read on to find out some questions to ask before choosing the best artificial grass installer.

1. How much aggregate will be used?

If you don’t have enough aggregates under your artificial grass it will sink. Less aggregates also means less costs thus a cheaper quote. Putting just a layer of sharp sand under the grass may look OK for now but how about in 6 months time when it has rained and been walked on? I can tell you it won’t look anything similar. Bumps and hollows will appear on the surface and the lawn will look awful. I can’t stress this enough – Good groundworks are essential for a long lasting lawn.

2. How do you prevent grass curl up?

If you don’t concrete in timber or other fixings around the perimeter of the lawn you will get grass curl up at the sides. No fixings means less labour and materials which means cheaper quote.

3. What type of membrane will be used?

Membrane must be good quality and woven to let water pass through. Has anyone asked you if you have a dog? If so the membrane must be on the bottom, as it will trap the urine and smell. On the majority of  jobs we use Pro-Tec 125gsm Weed Membrane

4. Does your fence need replacing?

If your fence is falling down replace it before your grass is laid. It will be impossible to fit a new fence to your grass line.(I know its simple but I hear it all the time).

5. Who will be laying the grass?

Just because you have called a big brand name doesn’t mean you will be getting professional installers. Most big companies are franchises and have little control over who will be installing their product. You will more than likely be paying a big brand price to get Dave the builder, with 6 months experience installing your lawn.

6. Sign off the Groundworks.

Ask to sign off the groundworks before the grass goes down.

7. Ask to See examples of recent work.

Professional installation of grass is a difficult job. Ask to look at examples of the companies work. If they are happy with the standard of work they will provide this. We post all our work on Facebook our website and other social media.

8. Look at reviews

Look at Google Reviews, Yell Reviews, Yelp, Facebook and the other big review websites. This will provide you with a flavour of the company.

9. Does your installer have a Powerbrush?

We Powerbrush all our installations to leave our customers with a great looking finish to the lawn. Take a look to see the Powerbrush and other tools we use on installations.

10. What is the quality like of the grass used?

What is in the backing? Can I see a roll before it is cut? (A sample hides a lot of sins, no drainage holes, bad quality backing and striping). I invite you to my yard to see what you are getting before you decide or I can send you some free sample grass in the post. Obviously the better the quality of grass the more expensive it is likely to be.

11. Don’t worry so much about the warranty on the grass

Here I explain why you shouldn’t worry about the warranty on the grass so much and ask more about the actual work that will be provided by the installer when fitting your artificial grass lawn.

If you ask your artificial grass installer these questions you will soon be able to get a feel for the quality of the work you are likely to receive.

Perfect Grass Ltd takes pride in being a family run business that uses only the most professional and experienced installers. If you choose us you will get an artificial grass installation that will last for many years.

If you have any further questions please comment below or call us on 020 81664168 for a free quote or fill out our online quotation form.


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