The best synthetic grass for dogs and pets on the market

Gavin Hall By Gavin Hall

We have many dog owners enquire whether our artificial grass is safe for their pets.

Perfect Grass Ltd can safely say that we offer some of the best and safest fake grass for dogs on the market today.

The complete range of artificial grass that Perfect Grass Ltd offers is ideal for all domestic pets including dogs.

When sourcing our fake grass we have made sure that it is free from toxins and is hard wearing so no harm can come to your pets.

Why use artificial dog grass

1 Fitting artificial grass ensures a clean house

One of the biggest issues dog owners have is of keeping the house clean. You let you dog out in the garden, they run around in the mud and rain and then they come back in and run through the house. Before you know it your house and your dogs are filthy.

Although we can’t guarantee that your house will always be spotless with pets having artificial grass installed will dramatically reduce the amount of mud brought into the house saving you valuable time and effort on cleaning.

2 Great looking lawn all year

Little maintenance is need to allow your artificial lawn to look great all year round.

3 Easy to clean

Only occasional cleaning is required. See below on how we recommend you clean the grass.

4 No need to spend long hours maintaining a lawn 

5 Very hard for dogs to dig up an artificial lawn

If your grass is laid by professionals your dog will not be able to dig the grass up. Fitted by anyone else and it can potentially be a problem. Ask your installer what measure they are taking to prevent your grass being dug up by your dog.

6 No chemicals needed on the grass

Unlike a real grass lawn artificial lawn an artificial lawn requires no chemicals to help it look green and healthy.

How to install artificial grass for dogs

It is imperative that the artificial grass for dogs is installed correctly. Our approach is very similar to that we adopt for all garden lawns. There are only a few minor tweaks we make. Below is a brief overview of these tweaks along with the essential steps that are needed when fitting grass specifically for dogs.

1 The existing lawn needs to be well dug out.

2 A free draining sub base of type 1 topped with granite dust allows the rain water to wash the dog wee through the lawn.

3 The membrane MUST be on the bottom of the groundworks otherwise it traps the urine and odours can be smelled in the drier months on the year.

4 The timber fixings we concrete in around the edge of the lawn give us a surface to attach the grass to and it also prevents the dogs pulling it up.

5 The grass choice must have a short pile and good drainage. The Outfield product is an ideal choice because it has a 25mm pile and lets a mighty 80 litres per sqm pass through it.

All the processes we adopt are put in place for a reason and have been tried and tested over many years.

How to prevent your artificial grass smelling of dog wee

For most of the year your artificial grass will just need a hose down once in a while to remove any excess dog faeces or urine. The groundworks we put down allow for good drainage. The rain will pretty much do the rest. It will only be during the warm summer months when rainfall is less frequent that you may need to take extra steps to stop your lawn smelling of dog wee.

But don’t worry we have come up with a unique method of keeping your grass free from the smell of dog wee during these drier months. We spent many years testing different products before finally coming up with this simple solution. Here I have written an in depth report on the products tested and the product I recommend ‘Artificial Grass Dog Wee Sand‘.

See why Buddy the dog likes our grass

In our light hearted video below Buddy the dog explains why he loves artificial grass. You also get a glimpse of Supergav and his team.

Watch on Youtube: Artificial Grass for Dogs | Perfect Grass Ltd

Perfect Grass would like to tell you the story of Jim, an ordinary hard working family man from Basildon in Essex who lived in a house with his wife and two kids.

Jim was fed up. He didn’t have the time to look after his garden. The lawn was full of weeds and it had bare patches from his kids playing football. It looked awful.

What could Jim do? Jim had read of artificial grass as an alternative to real grass but he thought it would look fake and even if he could find a realistic looking product who would he get to install it with all those cowboys about?

Well along came Supergav to help Jim out. Supergav was on a mission to stop shoddy installations and give the people of Britain the garden lawns they deserve.

Supergav ran a family business that specialized in installing artificial grass. It wasn’t any old artificial grass it looked just like the real thing.

And it wasn’t any old installation team. Supergav’s team of specialist installers have spent a combined total of over 20 years installing grass. Why? Because they love it.

Would you drive round in a car like this if you didn’t?

Following Supergavs help Jim was the envy of his neighbours. The kids had a great new lawn on which to play football and Jim and his wife had a great place to relax in

End script

Best grass products for dogs

These are the most popular pet grasses that we install for our customers. It depends on many factors including how many dogs the owner has, the size of dogs, the size of the garden as to which is the most suitable.

Take a look at some of the projects where we have installed artificial grass for dogs

Mud free lawn
Artificial grass lawn Sidcup
Artificial grass Minster on Sea

Some of our Happy Doggy Customers

Artificial Grass for Dogs
Black and White Dog
Artificial Grass for Dogs
White Dog on Groundworks

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