How to maintain and clean your artificial grass lawn

Updated: 22nd May, 2024

First published: 6th December, 2017

Artificial lawn maintenance

Maybe one of the reasons you invested in a new artificial grass lawn was because it requires little maintenance.

This is true but there are some regular and occasional tasks that you need to carry out to keep your grass in pristine condition. Here I will show you how to look after and clean your artificial grass lawn throughout the year. Given the right care and attention your artificial lawn can last 10 years or more.

If your artificial lawn needs a professional clean to get rid of nasty odours and stubborn stains commercial grass cleaning company (the Artificial Grass Cleaning Company) can help. Take a look at their website.

1. Regular artificial lawn maintenance

To prevent debris such as leaves, sticks and soil building up on your artificial grass we suggest you use a blower once a week in the Autumn and once a month for the rest of the year.  We recommend the Stihl Leaf Blower for its power and reliability. The Harris Stiff Broom or a Plastic Rake will do the trick if you don’t have a blower. We don’t recommend using a metal rake as this will damage or pull out the grass fibres. Trim surrounding trees and hedges to reduce the amount of debris falling on to the artificial turf.

Hose your lawn down with water a couple of times a year or when necessary. We recommend the Hoselock 30m Ultra Flex Hose to do this. The British weather will do the rest! If you choose to use a pressure washer to clean the grass we suggest you spray the grass gently from a distance. We use the Karcher K2 Pressure Washer. Do not try cleaning the grass like you would a patio as this could damage the grass fibres and could also damage the base of the lawn.

2. Avoid bird feeders

Keep bird feeders well away from your artificial grass. These will only encourage droppings to build up and rodents to dig at the grass below the feeder.

3. How to remove pet waste and the smell of dog urine from artificial grass

Our artificial grass products now have a sealed mesh backing to prevent any urine absorption and should not smell of dog urine. However, if you have an old artificial grass product fitted I recommend regularly hosing down the lawn especially in the summer months when there is less rain. You can also use professional cleaning companies like the artificial grass cleaning company who have commercial cleaning equipment,

Dog Wee Sand

4. Raise the grass fibres on your Synthetic Grass

If your lawn is walked on regularly the grass fibres may become flat. Placing heavy objects on the lawn like swimming pools, swings, slides and flowerpots will also flatten out the grass. In such cases we recommend that when you remove the heavy items you brush some Kiln Sand into your artificial grass to raise the fibres. If you have a large lawn a Power Brush can save you a lot of time. (see photo below). For smaller lawns or for those people on a budget a Plastic Leaf Rake will do the job perfectly well.

Raise grass fibres

5. How to prevent weeds

Weeds should not come through your grass because a Weed Membrane should have been placed beneath the surface. However there are always weed seeds in the air that can land and germinate in your grass or grow up the sides (this is why we always make it clear it is 90% effective at preventing weeds). If you do have a few weeds in your grass you simply buy some Weedol Weed Killer that is fine to use with synthetic grasses. Make sure that you apply on a dry calm day so the rain does not wash it away or blow it on to your plants that are surrounding your lawn.


6. How to get your artificial lawn to smell like ‘real grass’

If you want your artificial grass to smell like the real thing then add some artificial grass cleaner to it and brush it in. These grass cleaners often contain the chemcial compound cis-3-Hexenal. This compound is a colourless liquid that has an intense smell of freshly cut grass. Mixed with other ingredients and bingo you are able to deliver that freshly cut grass smell. We don’t recommend using these products to cover up the smell of dog wee for example as we have found it results in a dog wee grass smell. It is best used like a perfume; You wouldn’t apply perfume or aftershave without washing first!

7. How to remove snow and ice from your artificial grass lawn

There are certain steps we recommend taking to look after your artificial lawn during the winter months when there is very cold weather or snow.

To get rid of snow from your lawn I advise using a Plastic Snow Shovel to take away the bulk of the snow and then using a Stiff Broom to get rid of the rest. It is not recommended to use salt as this will leave grit on the grass and may cause discolouration or potential drainage problems with the grit blocking up the escape for water.

There is no harm in leaving the snow on your grass either. In fact the snow can work for you and give your grass a good clean. Just remember to use a Plastic Leaf Rake or a Powerbrush to lift the fibres up once the snow has melted away. Unlike real grass lawns that will look muddy, grey and awful after snow your artificial lawn will look great again.

The melting snow will really highlight the quality of your groundworks. Good groundworks like the ones we put in will be able to cope with the snow melting and the water will drain through the grass and through the groundworks with no trouble. Poorly installed groundworks and need I say more …

Artificial Grass will not freeze

Artificial grass is a very durable product and even if temperatures plummet to -10°C or less it won’t freeze and become brittle. What might happen is water may be present on the grass fibres and this may then freeze. Like any other icy surface this will become slippy so we do suggest you excercise caution when walking on your grass at times like this.

8. How to prevent snow building up on artificial grass

If you really don’t want to have any snow accumulating on your grass there are a couple of options open to you. Firstly the budget option is to cover your lawn with a plastic tarpauline before the snow begins. Once the snow stops you can remove the plastic sheet and voila a beautiful green lawn awaits.

If you are a Premiership footballer and you have a generous budget the second option would be to install an artificial turf heating system. This would raise the temperature of the grass to prevent any snow from settling in the first place. Many football clubs use this to allow play all year round.

9. How to get rid of bird poo from the grass

As I already mentioned I would not have any bird feeders on the artificial grass. If you do find bird poo a problem I would use a pressure washer on a light setting to remove the bird poo.

I hope these tips will help you keep your artificial grass in prime condition. I will be happy to discuss maintaining your artificial grass in more detail following the installation of your artificial grass lawn.

It has taken me many years of hard work to be able to provide the type of artificial grass installation service we now offer. Because of the enduring attention to detail and the dedication of my team I am in the enviable position of receiving many requests from people all over the world looking for help with their artificial grass installations. Whilst this brings a huge smile to my face we are still only a relatively small family owned and run business with limited resources. We currently offer our services within Kent, South East London, Hertfordshire, Essex and parts of Surrey. Whilst I am happy to answer general questions in the comments section below from anyone it may take up to 1 week for me to get back to you. Please make sure you have read other readers questions and my answers first as your question may have already been asked.

Priority will be given to answering questions from people looking for Perfect Grass to fit and supply our own artificial grass products. Please fill out the quotation form or call us on 020 81664168

For others looking for a priority response to a specific question relating to their own installation a £50 consultation fee is charged. My goal is to respond within 48 hours in these circumstances. For this specific online assistance please email me at with your questions. I often require photographs to accompany your question in order to provide the best answer.


  1. Could you tell me if the Patio tool T150 on the Karcher 2 power washer is suitable for artificial grass?

    • Hi there I have no idea sorry . Most pressure washers are fine as long as they are held at a distance from the grass , so they do not dislodge the groundworks. regards

  2. Hi Gavin
    100% agree with you point about the base. Always the key to the best outcome.

    I’m about to buy the Karcher hoover/brush. Have you seen them at work, any thoughts? Come on you Irons ⚒

    • Hi Ive seen them advertised, but I thought they were more for sweeping up debris. If you want aN artificial grass brush , have a look on Amazon they have good electric ones for about £200. cheers

    • Hi there, it is generally due to lack of sunshine and damp conditions. I would makes sure the area is debris free for as much time as possible which will slow the moss build up down. I wouldn’t suggest using any chemicals on your grass but simply lightly pressure wash the area, removing the moss.

  3. Hi There Gavin. At the moment we have round stepping stones on our grass. Could stepping stones be cut into artificial grass. If there is no path would the grass look worn after walking on the same route back and forward to your garden shed over the years. Lastly how many years should a good quality artificial lawn last looking good.

    • Hi you can have stepping stones by all means but they create a lot more groundworks and fitting issues. We always advise against them but if you insist on keeping them you will need to put a concrete fillet around each of them so you can cut and stick the grass , which will prevent any issues arising like worm-casts , weeds and maybe the grass becoming loose causing a trip hazard. The most important factor in long lasting grass isn’t the amount you pay for the product its the effort that has gone into the base. The most expensive grass on the market will only look as good as the groundworks put beneath it.
      We generally say 0-5 years it will look amazing 5-10 years you will see some movement and the grass will start looking slightly tired and then to be replaced at the end of this time. However a lot depends on footfall as the grass will actually last for 20 years if needed but it will act the same as carpet and generally it will be replaced once it looks tired.
      Please remember if the groundworks are done correctly the first time then second time around the cost should only be for removing grass, re timbering the fixings and adding some granite dust and rescreeding.

  4. Gavin
    Pigeons in particular but other birds as well leave their poo on our grass which is a cirlce 5m in diameter so quite a large area some of which is under horse chestnut and robinia trees where the birds perch.
    What is the best way to clean bird poo which has hardened etc.
    many thanks
    Jim H

      • Hi, my neighbours cats have pooed all over my beautiful artificial lawn. Unfortunately where it’s happened in winter and it’s been very cold and wet I’ve not been able to clean it up, so it’s almost gone a bit like sand. What’s the best way to clean this? My corner is that it’s sunk through under the grass and into the base 🙁 TIA, Vicky

        • Hi there , simply clean off using a trowel or plastic bag and then hose down , dont forget a high proportion of artificial grass is for dog owners so this really isnt a problem.Regards

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