We know what a difficult job it is for schools and nurseries to provide a great education for our kids with reduced budgets.

It can be hard to find new ways to save money without impacting the children’s education. We think that a really simple way to not only save money but to provide an even better experience for the kids is to install artificial grass for schools.

Artificial grass is ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces in schools, nurseries and play areas. The Perfect Grass product range provides a low maintenance solution that looks great all year round. All of our artificial grass product range are suitable for schools, however we do recommend our Spring 30 grass for its mid length pile and excellent price.

There are a number of other great benefits fitting our artificial grass in your school or nursery can offer:

See how artificial grass can improve your school playground

School before artificial grass fittedschool after artificial grass fitted

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  • Prevent muddy areas

Artificial grass doesn’t contain any soil so children won’t be bringing muddy feet in to the school. This will save money for the school with a reduction in cleaning time and parents will also be grateful for their little one won’t be coming home caked in mud.

  • Save money on maintenance

Unlike the maintenance of real grass, artificial grass required just a little work over the coarse of a year.  We recommend simply brushing it a few times a year with a stiff brush to stand the pile up. There will be no need to cut, water, seed or weed the area. Take a look at our maintenance of artificial grass page

  • Use all year round

Whether it is the middle of the winter or summer artificial grass will continue to look great and provide hardwearing flooring where the kids can enjoy themselves all year round. The hardwearing nature of our artificial grass allows it to last up to 10 years

  • Safe for the kids

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for your playground for its cushioned base helps soften falls reducing playground injuries. To conform to UK standards extra shockpad foam is installed below the grass next to slides and climbing frames to help soften falls further. Our grass is also EU certified and toxic free. Perfect Grass has fitted artificial grass on pathways, school gardens and playgrounds plus a range of indoor areas including common rooms and foyers.

Artificial grass is great for Child Care Centres

With more couples working we have seen a significant increase in the number of child care centres set up and run from people’s homes. Often an outbuilding is constructed in the garden to house the kids. All that is then left to do is create a play area where the kids can release some steam. The garden lawn that is left following the building of the outhouse is often not a suitable surface for kids to play on. It quickly becomes bare when trodden on and when it rains it becomes muddy. Artificial grass on the otherhand is a great surface. Choose the right artificial grass and it can withstand heavy footfall and still look great. Put down the right foundations for the artificial grass and it will drain well and allow for year round use. You can see why child care centres run from home are turning to artificial grass to give themselves the edge.

Outside area of nurseryLandscaping a small area

Below are examples of work we have carried out in schools, nurseries and child care centres:

Artificial grass fitted School Beckenham
Freed up space
Inviting reading area
Plumstead playground artificial grass

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