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Best Tools and Equipment to Install Artificial Grass

We all love tools and gadgets – but have you got the right tools and equipment for your artificial grass installation? Here are the tried and tested tools that we use.

If you are planning on doing some or all of the artificial grass installation yourself having the right tools and equipment will not only save you time but will result in a much improved artificial lawn installation. Here we provide you with a list of tools and equipment that we recommend and use when we install artificial grass. All the tools have been tested in the field and in some cases, like wheelbarrows, we have tested up to 20 products from different manufacturers before arriving at our recommendation.

So before you start your installation check them out and make sure you are prepared.

Where possible, we register as affiliates for the products and services we use and recommend. Many of the links we share on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click these links and make a purchase we may earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you and in some instances you may be making a saving from promotions we have negotiated.

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Preparing the Groundworks

Turf Cutter

A turf cutter is an expensive tool to buy but one that can be hired for about £90 for the day from your local hire shop. I use it to remove the existing turf lawn quickly and to a controlled depth.

Get a Turf Cutter from Ebay

Wacker Plate

The Wacker plate is used in the preparation of the groundworks before laying the artificial grass. The Belle Wacker Plate is a petrol powered compactor that I have used daily for years and has required very little maintenance.

Get the Wacker Plate

Weed Membrane

The Pro-Tec Weed Membrane is available in a variety of length rolls. It is strong, easy to lay and a good price.

Try Pro Tec Weed Membrane

Weed Killer

We find Weedol Fast Acting Weedkiller to be an effective way to kill off weeds before preparing the groundworks for the new lawn. It can also be used occasionally in the maintenance of your artificial lawn.

Try Weedol Fast Acting Weedkiller


A wheelbarrow is something that I use a great deal of and saves my back from a lot of lifting. The main use is for mixing cement and for moving the aggregates around. I have literally tried and tested hundreds of wheelbarrows over the years as my friends and colleagues will tell you! and this 100 litre Galvanized Wheelbarrow is really one of the best.

Try 100 litre Galvanized Wheelbarrow

Marine Ply

Marine Plywood can be used to create a completely smooth surface if you are wishing to lay artificial grass on decking.

Buy Marine Plywood from Amazon

Saw for cutting timbers

I use a this Iriwin 20” Wood Saw for cutting timbers. I find that this cheap saw slices through the timber in no time. At this price I don’t mind if I have to replace it after a couple of years.

Get Irwin 20″ Wood Saw


I use this lightweight Draper Polyurethane Float for screeding along with a piece of  2” x 3” timber. Because of its weight it makes the job effortless. Well as easy as it can be!

Try Draper Polyurethane Float

Spirit level

This Ox Tools 900mm Spirit Level comes in very handy when putting in timbers or when installing a washing line as both need to be vertical. It is a well made product and withstands daily life on site.

Try OX Tools 900mm Spirit Level

Mot Type 1 Aggregates

Mot Type 1 aggregate is the go to mixture to create solid groundworks.

Get Mot Type 1 Aggregate

Granite Dust

Combined with a little water Grano Dust creates a compact final layer on which to lay the artificial grass. The Granite dust we use varies in size from dust to 10mm.

Get Grano Dust

Foam Shock Underlay

Foam Shock Underlay is great to lay on decking or other surfaces that require cushioning before artificial grass is put down.

Get 20mm Foam Shock Underlay from Amazon

Kubota Mini Digger / Excavator

The Kubota Mini Digger makes quick work of digging out the exisitng top soil and turf and adding the Type 1 MOT. It can be hired from a Plant Hire Shop for approximately £150 per day.

Skip Hire

A skip will need to be hired to put the top soil and grass in and any other waste materials. This will cost upwards of £200 depending on the size of skip required. An off road or private area will be needed for the skip to be placed. If this is not available a permit will be required from the local council to put the skip on a public road or highway. This permit generally takes a few days to obtain and will cost in the region of £50 depending on the area.

Laying / Fitting the Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Our complete range of Artificial Grass is available for collection or delivery. Recognised as some of the most realistic looking and hardwearing available at great prices. Call us on 020 81664168 for delivery and collection information.

Stanley Knife

For cutting the artificial grass to size the fixed blade Stanley Titan Trimming Knife is essential.

Hook Blades

I use these OX Hook Blades in the Stanley Knife. I find they last longer than standard blades and give you more control over the cut as the hook allows you to place the blade over the end of the artificial grass before starting the cut.

Try OX Hook Blades

Glue Gun

For just a few pounds this Everbuild Sealant Gun is needed to apply the glue easily and accurately to the joining tape or it can be used to apply directly to the concrete when gluing on a balcony etc.

Try Everbuild Sealant Gun

Joining Glue / Adhesive

Applying a decent seaming glue / adhesive like Astro Pro will secure the two pieces of artificial grass together for years. The polyurethane glue I use is green in colour so you will not see any glue showing in the join. See how this is done. I also use this glue to stick grass directly on to concrete.

Try Astro Pro Green Seaming Adhesive

Club Hammer

I have a selection of hammers in my toolkit. I use the OX Club Hammer for tucking the artificial grass in place.

Try OX Club Hammer

Bolster Chisel

I use the OX Trade Brick Bolster tool along with the club hammer for tucking.

Try OX Trade Brick Bolster

Claw Hammer

Any time I need to hammer some nails or take them out I use this sturdy OX Straight Claw Framing Hammer.

Try OX Straight Claw Framing Hammer

Nail Gun

The Paslode Nail Gun is the ultimate gadget that no workman should be without. It has a fast charging lithium battery that allows up to 10,000 nails, more than enough charge for the installation.

Get Paslode Nail Gun

Nails (60mm x 2.5mm)

Forgefix 60mm x 2.5mm Galvanized Nails  are used for holding down the membrane and for nailing joins in place after they are stuck down. (The nails are only in place until the glue dries).

Get Forgefix 60mm x 2.5mm Nails

Nails (40mm x 2.5mm)

40mm x 2.5mm Galvanised Nails are used for fixing the artificial grass to timbers around the perimeter.

Try Fixman 40mm x 25mm Nails

Bricklaying Trowel

OX Bricklaying Trowel is ideal for placing the concrete around the perimeter fixings.

Get OX Bricklaying Trowel

Measuring Tape

This simple Draper 8m Measuring Tape can be clipped on to your belt and will last forever.

Try Draper 8m Measuring Tape

Long Surveyors Tape

Don’t be equipped with just a 8m measuring tape if you have a large lawn. A long flexIble measuring tape like this Draper 50m Fibre Glass Surveyors Tape is ideal, as it will prevent inaccuracies.

Try Draper 50m Surveyors Tape

Joining Tape

This artificial grass Artificial Grass Turf Joining Tape is simple to use. Just peel the back off and stick. It is super strong and we highly recommend it.

Try Artificial Grass Joining Tape

Watering Can

I use the watering can for adding water to the cement when making concrete and for sprinkling on the granite dust if it becomes too dry. This is a sturdy Magic Salt 7litre Plastic Watering Can that will last years.

Try Magic Salt 7litre Watering cAN

Concrete Mixer

To make the concrete to set the perimeter fixings in you will require a concrete mixer. A great option is the Belle Mini Mix 150 which is a durable hard working electric mixer.

Get Belle Minn Mix 150

Steel Rake

The Heavy Duty Steel Rake spreads the aggregates and granite dust evenly across the lawn.

Get Heavy Duty Steel Rake

Kiln Sand

Kiln Sand is applied to artificial grass following installation to give it some weight. It is applied to areas with heavy footfall and roof tops to keep the grass firmly in place.

Get Kiln Dried Sand

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Stiff Brush

For smaller gardens I will use the Harris Victory 18 inch Bassine Broom to brush the artificial grass upright. There is no need for a Powerbrush in this instance.

Try Harris Victory 18 inch Bassine Broom


This Stihl Petrol Leafblower is easy to start and is very powerful. Ideal to blow the leaves and other debris from the artificial lawn.

Try Stihl Petrol Leafblower

Artificial Grass Dog Wee Sand

We are the only stockist of this artificial grass dog wee sand in the UK. It is a great product to remove the smell of dog wee from grass without the use of chemicals. Purchase is by collection only from our site office in Bexley. Call 020 81664168 to order.

Powerbrush and Vacuum

I find this AGM Electric Artificial Grass Power Brush/Lawns Sweeper a useful tool if you have a large garden. It not only brushes the grass up it but it will also clear the lawn of debris.

Try AGM Electric Artificial Grass Brush/Lawns Sweeper

Pressure Washer

To remove debris and urine from the artificial grass we recommend using the Karcher K2 Pressure Washer a few times a year. Spray the water from a distance at a low pressure so as not to disrupt the fibres of the grass

Try Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

Plastic Leaf Rake

If you have a small garden the Draper 500mm Large Head Plastic Leaf Rake is ideal to remove any leaves, sticks etc. from the lawn. Using a plastic rake prevents the artificial grass fibres from being ripped out

Try Draper 500mm Large Head Plastic Leaf Rake

Plastic Snow Shovel

There may be certain times of the year when your artificial lawn is covered in snow. I recommend using the Harris Snow Shovel to remove the snow. Then when the snow melts use the Powerbrush or regular stiff brush to stand the grass back up.

Try Draper 500mm Large Head Plastic Leaf Rake

I hope you found this article useful and will save you time when it comes to laying your own artificial grass lawn. Do you have any other tools you use and find helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

If you would like Perfect Grass Ltd to provide you with a free quotation for supplying you with artificial grass and/or installing the artificial grass for you please fill out our online form or call me on 020 81664168

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