What to do with muddy dogs

What to do with muddy dogsMud free garden for dogs

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The Brief:

This project shows you what to do with muddy dogs. The owner of this house in South Woodford, London owned 2 boisterous dogs that had all but destroyed the garden lawn. What was left was a muddy patch of garden that did nothing more than keep the 2 dogs dirty. These 2 dogs would then bring all that mud into the nice clean house. The owner needed an urgent solution which was in the form of artificial grass.

Our Work:

We spoke with the customer at length to come up with a good solution. It was decided that we would put up a trellis fence and gate to stop the dogs from going onto the raised area at the top of the garden. Decking and a trampoline would be cited here on conclusion of our work. The customer wanted to keep some greenery so we left equal size borders either side of the area that was to be grassed.

10 tonnes of top soil and grass were taken out  before we found a solid substrate ,to which we added 12 tonnes of mixed aggregates to the area to make it free draining. We fitted the Outfield grass for it has a very dog friendly 25mm pile that make it easy to keep clean. In case we should have a dry summer we left the customer a free bag of our dog wee sand.

The whole family can now enjoy the garden from the adults, the children and the beautiful dogs.


  1. I’m interested in artificial turf. My garden takes 18 rolls of turf. I have 2 dogs and the only thing I worry about it being dug up.
    How much would it be.

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