What to do with a garden with many problems

What to do with a garden with many problemsImproved garden lawn

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The Brief:

This project shows you what to do with a garden with many problems. The property in Bromley, London was owned by a couple of busy working professionals who had no time for gardening. They owned a small dog that loved to be outside. To add to this there was a large¬†overhanging tree that mean’t the garden was in a lot of shade and it also mean’t that a lot of debris fell on it. Artificial grass really was the only solution to give the owners a hassle free good looking lawn.

Our Work:

Luckily we had good access to the garden via the rear car park and could get our mini digger in to remove all the shrubbery and excavate the garden down 3 to 4 inches.

The grass fitted was the Outfield. The 25 mm length of the grass fibres makes it easy to clean any dog mess and falling debris from the trees.

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