What to do when crows dig up your lawn

Lawn dug up by crowsSolution to crows digging up the lawn

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The Brief:

The lawn area of this large driveway in Biggin Hill, Kent was under attack from crows! They were digging the lawn up to look for May fly larvae and in the process they were creating a right mess. The owners had had enough and they were looking for a permanent solution to get rid of the crows – artificial grass.

Our Work:

To create a good first impression to the property the lawn needed to have some good clean edges. To create these edges down each side of the lawn we layed 3×2 timbers. These timbers will hold the grass securely in place to the desired shape. A¬†membrane was put on the bottom of the foundations to stop weeds and to prevent worms taking down the finer granules of the base materials into the soil.

To complete the base 2.5 tonnes of Type 1 and 2 tonnes of Granno were added.

The Grange artificial grass was chosen by the owner to finish the lawn off.

Now the crows will have to create havoc elsewhere!


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