Using artificial grass on a well used walkway

Burnt up lawnArtificial grass on well used walkway

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The Brief:

The rear of this property in Petts Wood, London had recently undergone some major renovation work. Paving had been put down around a lovely new hot tub room. To complete the renovation work we were asked to link the new paving area to the existing summer house at the bottom of the garden. Because this area was likely to see a lot of footfall a good hard wearing artificial grass was needed. If the owner used real grass a muddy pathway would form whenever it was wet.

Our Work:

We removed 8 tonnes of turf and soil and put in our usual high standard of groundworks.

8 tonnes of Type 1 topped with 4 tonnes of 0.5mm granite dust were compacted inside our perimeter timber fixings. The grass fitted was the Grange which is well suited to receiving plenty of wear and tear.

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