Urban rooftop garden

Grey urban rooftop gardenBeautiful urban rooftop garden

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The Brief:

Apartment blocks generally have little outdoor space so if you are lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace you need to make the most of it.

This place in trendy Greenwich, South East London had huge potential. The owners had started work on their urban rooftop garden by adding furniture and container plants. The white glass fibre containers cleverly split the area into two separate zones. All they needed now was to do something with the grey patio. This is where we were called in.

Our Work:

A simple but very effective way to brighten up the grey patio area was to fit artificial grass directly on top of it. It was decided to grass just one of the newly zoned areas. The patio was already level and drained well so it was simply a case of cutting the grass to size, joining it together and then gluing it to the patio.

Our luxury 45mm pile artificial grass the Grange was chosen by the customer. The clean hard edges it offered when fitted really accentuated the space.

The end results speak for themselves. A lovely grassy area to chill out on in one zone and a paved area which offers a more formal space for eating in the other.

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