Looking for a great surround for your garden office?

Garden officeBeautiful surround for your garden office

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The Brief:

If you are looking for a great surround for your garden office we don’t think there is a better surface than artificial grass. Look out from the back of this house in Sidcup, Kent and your eyes will roll effortlessly across the garden lawn to the office. This is because well installed artificial grass has no imperfections to take your attention away which a bare patch of grass or weeds can do.

Our Work:

We prepared the groundworks for this lawn to our usual high standards. 6 tonnes of mixed aggregates were added as a sub base and timber fixings hammered in around the perimiter to which the grass was attached.

The final result was a beautiful looking lawn that entices you outside even if its raining. There is now no fear about getting your feet wet and muddy crossing over it to the office. I can now see the owners spending more time is this welcoming garden office.

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