Sorting out a family garden

Untidy garden lawn and bordersSorting out a family garden

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The Brief:

We take great delight in helping sort out family gardens as we did for this family in the borough of Greenwich, London.

They came to us looking for help with their small back garden. They struggled upkeeping it because it was in the shade for most of the day.

The kids needed somewhere to play and the grown-ups needed a nice outdoor area where they could socialize in the summer months.

We were happy to provide them with an install of our artificial grass product ‘the Knoll’

Our Work:

The base of the new lawn was prepared using 2 tonnes of Type 1 and an additonal 1 tonne of granite dust. The Knoll was then securely fitted leaving the family with a beautiful garden they could all use.

Now the kids and grown ups are all happy!

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