Solution to ridding your lawn of leatherjackets

Garden lawn with leatherjacketsRidding your lawn of Leatherjackets

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The Brief:

This front garden in Shooters Hill, London had recently had a new drive built along with a newly turfed lawn on either side.

Unfortunately the new turf suffered from Leatherjackets which is a larvae of the Crane fly. This larvae feeds on the roots of the grass which results in the lawn turning a yellowish brown colour resulting in the death of the grass.

In addition birds including Rooks and Magpies love to feast on the larvae which results in them making beak holes in the lawn. There is also the added frustration of bird poo going all over the drive. Not good look on a new driveway!

Our Work:

There are some non chemical treatments that can be tried to rid your lawn of the lavae but they don’t guarantee success. From our experience artificial grass is the only real answer.

We fitted the Grange artificial grass on this lawn. Our usual high quality groundworks were installed including fixings, membrane, sub base and a top layer of granite dust.

The owners now had a new sparkling drive and matching lawn which would last them for many years to come.

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