Separating your lawn from the neighbours

Existing shared lawnSeparating your lawn from the neighbours

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The Brief:

This front garden in Joydens Wood near Bexley in Kent had a shared front lawn. When we were first contacted both neighbours lawns looked equally sorry for themselves (as you can see in the photo above on the left). The owner who spoke to us asked the question how could they separate their lawn from the neighbours without using fencing or a wall? They didn’t want to install artificial grass directly adjoining an untouched lawn.

Our Work:

We advised the customer to separate their lawn from the neighbours by using a line of block pavers along with some planting (as you can see on the right hand side of the right hand photo above). The bed is very important because your eye will travel very quickly across the perfect lawn until it hits an upright, in this case the planted bed. We suggested a lavendar hedge which the customer will plant themselves.

To fit this lawn we installed our groundworks of a Type 1 sub base topped off with granite dust. The Grange artificial grass was fitted to the timber fixings which were installed around the perimeter. This will keep it looking good for many many years not just the first few months!!

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