One of the best garden transformations I have seen

Weed covered gardenBest garden transformations

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The Brief:

This back garden in Welling, London was overgrown with weeds. The school holidays had arrived and the kids had no outside area to play in. The parents were desperate to sort the garden out before the kids drove them mad so they called us in to help.

Our Work:

Before we began our installation we instructed the owners to spray the whole area with a systemic weed killer (non residual) to rid the whole area of weeds. If the weed problem wasn’t properly sorted out now there could be a problem in the future with them growing through the grass. Once we were happy the weeds were dead we strimmed down and cleared the whole area.

In this garden we were fortunate as we had enough depth to raise the area up without having to get it dug out. We fitted timbers around the perimeter, laid a weed retardent membrane and then added 11 tonnes of Type 1 as a sub base. A further 5 tonnes of granite dust was introduced and compacted in several times. Only now could we fit our ultra dense Spring artificial grass. To finish the lawn off we applied sand and power brushed it leaving what I think is one of the best garden tansformations I have seen for a long time.

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