Levelling a garden lawn using sleepers

For this project in Eltham, London we needed to level the garden lawn using sleepers and aggregates before fitting the artificial grass.

A deck was going to be built from the bi-folds doors at the rear of the house to a newly built sleeper wall. Our task was to bring the existing lawn up to a similar level.

Spare sleepers were positioned along the sides of the garden as a retainer to the beds.

Once the sleepers were in place we added a membrane to the area along with timber fixings. A massive 19½ tonnes of aggregates were needed to level out the area before we were able to lay the Rectory grass.

This left a very gentle slope in the garden. The flower beds were defined and the sunken trampoline had neatly cut grass surrounding it.

The owners now had a family friendly garden they could use come rain or shine plus the improvements added value to the property.

Garden before levelling began
Existing garden lawn that needs levelling
Sleepers positioned along borders
Granite dust top layer added and compacted in
Aggregates down
Sleepers placed alongside the flower beds and aggregates added
Family friendly garden
Lovely new level garden lawn

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