Laying grass on a garden in Chislehurst with a high water table

Garden with high water tableChislehurst garden completed

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The Brief:

We select our favourite install each month, not just on looks, but also on what actually goes into the project. This garden in Chislehurst, London struggled from a high water table, so we needed to prepare it for the wetter months as well as making it look great.

Our Work:

To improve the drainage we used 4 tonnes of recycled 50-70 mm rubble. The gaps in the irregular shaped stone will allow water to sit in the air pockets in the winter months and not affect the base above. The other advantage is water will not be pushed into the next door neighbours garden!

Fixings were concreted in place around the perimeter and a further 12 tonnes of aggregates added.

The grass laid was the new Meadow 30 PU which completed a very successful and well thought out installation.

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