Laying artificial grass in a front garden in Kings Hill

Front garden full of heavy clay soilFront garden in Kings Hill sorted

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The Brief:

Many of the newer properties that we come across like this one in Kings Hill, Kent have gardens that contain heavy clay soil. This proves a difficult environment in which to grow grass so the option is to either replace the clay with soil or opt for fake grass. This owner opted for the latter.

Our Work:

Even for a small front garden like this we needed to dig out 5 tonnes of turf, soil and clay to be able to start building up our foundations. Special attention was paid to the awkwardly positioned drain. We wanted to make sure it fitted flush with the surface of the artificial grass to stop people tripping over it.

4 tonnes of type 1 and 1 tonne of granno were compacted in to the area before the timber fixings were installed. The Grange artificial grass product was then fitted.

The owner was left with an easy to manage front garden that looked great.

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