Landscaping a garden with artificial grass

Before garden is landscapedLandscaped garden

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The Brief:

When the owners of this property in Bexley, Kent looked out from their house they had stunning views over the countryside. They now wanted to have a beautiful landscaped garden to match. There were a number of landscaping ideas that we discussed with the owners. In the end they decided to keep it simple and asked us to create a kids football play area.

The patio had recently been relaid with a very clean stone, however the grass sloped away from the patio ruining the effect. We suggested raising the reclaimed sleeper wall to the level of the patio. This would give the grass a completely flat look when looking out from the house making it look much better.

A new path was going to be installed on the far side of the lawn which would match the patio and complete the garden.

Our Work:

Our usual high end groundworks were put down. In this instance 18 tonnes of Type 1 were used to bring the groundworks up to the correct level before finishing it off with granite dust.

The Outfield artificial grass was chosen for its hard wearing qualities and great looks.

The end result is a fine example of landscaping a garden with artificial grass.

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