It is not always a matter of fake grass vs real

The Brief:

It is not always a matter of looking at fake grass vs real grass and working out the benefits of each and choosing one over the other. Sometimes it is possible to combine both fake grass and real grass in a garden. We did exactly this for a customer who owned a beautiful house with a large garden in Chislehurst, Kent. Choosing both fake grass and real grass gives the owner the best of both worlds. Fake grass can be used in shady and difficult to maintain areas and real grass in the more open good draining areas. The vital ingredient to using both fake grass and real grass together is you don’t really notice.

The garden in this particular project had already had a small circle of artificial grass fitted in a shady location. They now wanted the area edged by tall conifers fitted with fake grass for the same reason. This area was right next to a large conservatory and was adjacent to a flawless lawn surrounded by herbaceous borders. The fake grass therefore had to be well laid (as always) with solid groundworks and also had to be subtle and blend with the natural surrounds.

Our Work:

We began this project by installing our high end groundworks. The Rectory artificial grass product was chosen for this garden for it is a very realistic subtly coloured grass that will always make you look twice!

We think we have taken away the fake grass vs real grass dilema for this particular garden as we think if the correct artificial grass product is chosen and laid by professionals then it can work great side by side with real grass.

Area before fake grass
Groundworks underway
Fake grass wildlife
Fake grass blended with the natural surround
Fitted fake grass
Fake grass lawn alongside tall conifer trees
Alongside real grass
Real grass lawn alongside fake grass lawn

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