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The Brief:

It is a great honour for us to be seen as one of the recommended artificial grass installers in the Sout East of England. We have been in the business thirteen years and we see a lot of returning customers and referrals from customers we have installed grass for.

For us there is no better praise than someone asking for us to do additional work as they were so impressed the first time.

This beautiful house in Maidstone, Kent had undergone a massive renovation. We were there last year fitting 300 sqm of artificial grass to a bank. The bank still looked absolutely amazing with no movement of the product due to our professional groundworks.

We had been asked back to complete the last area of the garden which was situated at the top of the bank.

Beautful stone had been laid in the area to create a patio. All that was left was for the grass to be put in to complete the garden.

Our Work:

The builders who laid the patio very kindly left the area to our specification i.e. membrane and 4 inches of type 1. We just had to put in our fixings and install the Boundary artificial grass product.

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