Installing artificial grass in Brasted

Artificial grass brasted beforeArtificial grass in brasted after

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The Brief:

In this project we were asked to install artificial grass in Brasted, Kent for a family with young children. They were encountering the most common issue we see with garden lawns today – a lack of sunlight. This isn’t necessarily down to the poor English weather either! It can be a number of factors; a garden fence blocking the light or trees, houses etc doing likewise. This lack of light leads to poor grass growth and ultimately a tatty looking lawn.

Artificial grass is generally the best option.

Our Work:

After digging out the foundations our team concreted in 2″ x 3″ treated timbers around the perimeter. We covered the area in a woven membrane and introduced over 2 tonnes of Type 1. This was compacted in to leave a hard sub base. Finally we added a fine 0-5 mm granite dust top layer.

The grass was rolled out and lightly sanded to pin it down to the base. It was tucked down the back of the timbers and nail gunned.

We finished off by power brushing the whole area.

The owners were left with a versatile place the kids could use whatever the weather. Hopefully no more muddy feet in the house!

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