Installing artificial grass in a new build home

New build groundworksArtificial grass in new build

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The Brief:

We are being asked by more and more customers to install artificial grass in their new build property’s. There are three major reasons for this:

1: People are looking to minimise the work they need to do in their gardens. This gives them the time they need to go about fitting out the interior of the house and enjoy time in their new homes.

2: Many gardens in new builds are an after thought of developers and the gardens are filled with poor spongy clay soil which is not good for real grass to grow. This leaves the new home owner with a beautiful new house and an ugly garden.

3. Artificial grass complements the contemporary style of a new build house with its modern, fresh look.

Our Work:

To complete the work on this new build garden in Dartford, Kent we had to dig down 24 inches until we reached a solid substrate. Only now could we consider starting the groundworks for the artificial lawn. Twelve tonnes of Type 1 aggregates were used in the groundwork for just a 34 m² garden. This will now prevent the new garden lawn sinking and was a great base on to which we could lay the artificial grass.

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