Installing an artificial grass putting green in Ilford

Existing Ilford gardenArtificial grass putting green Ilford

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The Brief:

We don’t often get involved in installing putting greens as we are not specialists in sports surfaces and I like to be honest with customers and tell them that! There is nothing worse than a company that just tells a customer they can do a job just, so they get the work and then does a bad job!

I was however confident that I could deliver on what the customer wanted on this job in Ilford, London.

Our Work:

A great deal goes into these types of jobs including our usual high spec groundworks.

One of the most ignored aspects when laying a putting green is the amount and distribution of the sand infill that we put on the golf artificial grass. This is vital as it affects the ball speed.

As mentioned before this is not a service, we regularly provide but we have a very happy customer here so maybe we will do more of these going forwards!


  1. I am looking at option at my house for an area to the front, its approx 36m2 and ideally i would like it to be a putting green standard. If you could call to discuss or provide a sample and m2 rate for installing the grass only and 3 no holes. I can provide all prep work to the areas which is well drained as it is a raised section.

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