Improving a lawn with artificial grass in Hartley

The Brief:

This house in Hartley, Kent had a common problem with their garden lawn that many home owners face. They owned dogs. It gives you little chance of having a great looking lawn and the fact that this family had 4 dogs made it impossible. The only solution apart from not letting your dogs into the garden is to fit a pet friendly artificial grass.

Our Work:

We didn’t need to remove too much soil and grass as the area was already a few inches below the lip. We simply used the mini digger to scrape away the surface and we were ready to install the groundworks

For this relatively large garden 50 metres of timbers were concreted in place around the outside of the lawn and a membrane was put down to stop weeds growing through the artificial grass. 10 tonnes of Type 1 and 5 tonnes of granite dust were compacted in before we finally fitted 106 sqm of the Rectory grass.

The home owners were left with a truly beautiful garden for both humans and dogs.

Simple scrape with the mini digger
A simple scrape of the surface with the mini digger
Artifical grass in hartley
Completed install of artificial grass in Hartley
Dogs and owners love the new grass
The dogs just love their new play area
Addition of a membrane sheet
Adding a membrane to prevent weeds pushing through
Great looking rectory grass
Great looking Rectory grass

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