How to use artificial grass for aesthetic design

The Brief:

Sometimes customers want artificial grass installed purely for the aesthetic design. This penthouse had stunning views over the City of London but the eye was unfortunately drawn to a narrow tiled area that went around the perimeter of the roof. Because of the versatility of artificial turf it could be easily cut and shaped to fit in this narrow area and brighten it up.

Our Work:

Fortunately I don’t mind heights which made this job a lot easier. The Outfield artificial grass was cut to shape and then glued to the tiles. We used as little glue as possible so that water could easily pass through. A clean finish was achieved by tugging the grass under the lead facias.

Existing roof
Existing view of the roof
Aesthetically pleasing artificial turf
Artificial turf cut and shaped
Great views over London
Artificial grass tugged under lead facias
City of London
View of the City of London
Great views
Aesthetically pleasing view of roof and city
Artificial grass cut shaped glued
Good use of artificial grass for aesthetic design

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