How to stop artificial grass sinking

Odd shaped lawnHow to stop artificial grass sinking

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The Brief:

This small front garden of this house in Ashford, Kent was difficult to maintain as it was an odd shape and hidden behind a large hedge. As you can see from the before picture above the hedge and tree prevented it from receiving enough sunlight for a healthy green lawn to thrive. Artificial grass is an ideal option for areas like these if it is installed correctly.

Our Work:

To install the artificial grass correctly we needed to make sure the base we installed it on didn’t push outwards and cause the grass to sink.

We see many fake grass lawns that have sunk after just a few months due to the fact the installers haven’t laid the correct groundworks.

The trick to preventing the lawn from sinking was to concrete in timber fixings around the perimeter  which would stop the aggregates being able to move sideways. As well as preventing the artificial grass from sinking it also gave us a nice hard edging which we could attach the grass too..

The Grange artificial grass was fitted on this particular project which looks great and will do so for many years to come due to how it has been installed.


    • Hi there, no it is not physically possible to do as the grass is very heavy and you would need to make the new groundworks match the old ones to the millimetre as the grass won’t refit . Also any company worth their salt wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole. Regards

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