How to stick artificial grass to a terrace

The Brief:

We were asked to fit artificial grass at this Penthouse in North London. It was only last year that we had installed grass for their neighbours so it is always great when our workmanship recommends itself.

Our main aim on this project was to stick the artificial grass to the terrace with as little glue as possible whilst creating a nice flat, well finished surface. We had to also take into consideration the opening doors which had little clearance above the current decking.

Through years of practice we have learn’t less is certainly better when it comes to sticking artificial grass down. Too much glue will impede drainage and make it very difficult if you ever need to lift the grass.

Our Work:

To avoid using too much glue we tucked the Outfield artificial grass product around the edges and only glued along lips where no tuck was available or where people would be walking on and off the terrace.

All the pieces of artificial grass were attached together using joining tape. This in effect created one big carpet/rug which allowed the water to flow underneath.

We had to box around doors as they were outwards opening and very tight to the floor. Laying artificial grass here would have prevented the doors opening properly.

All in all this is a good example of how we look at each project we undertake individually and use our experience to offer the best workmanship possible.

Original terrace flooring
Original roof terrace flooring
Boxed around doorways
Boxed around doorways
Grass tucked around the edges
Grass tucked nicely around the edges
Stick grass to terrace
Grass stuck to terrace with small amount of glue


  1. Hi there, I’m doing something similar in my back garden – it is an area that is already decked out on top of garages so I was hoping to just lay the grass on top of this with maybe a shockproof layer underneath. My only concern is that I want the turf to be right outside my patio doors but I do not have much clearance as it is when the doors are open as the doors open outwards. Is there any methods or tips you can suggest other then box round it? Maybe like if there was away to grade the turf down towards the doors? Thanks

    • Hi there , yes we come across this a lot. You can either cut a box around the doors and leave as deck . Or use a matting that’s wafer thin so it defines area …apart from dropping the deck down a bit near the door there isn’t too much more you can do.

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