How to solve the problem of a muddy garden

Muddy garden soil lawnHow to solve the problem of a muddy garden

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The Brief:

Like many new build back gardens this one in Sevenoaks, Kent struggled with a muddy lawn. The gardens of new builds are often overlooked and like this one the soil was full of clay. Having a clay lawn prevents the rainwater from draining away so it stays muddy for long periods of time. Grass is unable to survive with these conditions and therefore the owners get left with a muddy mess.

We have the solution of how to solve the problem of a muddy garden. Well layed artificial grass!

Our Work:

We removed over 2 tonnes of grass and clay soil from this small garden. Fixing timbers were inserted around the perimeter, a membrane put down, 3 inches Type 1 added before a final layer of granite dust was compacted in.

The Spring artificial grass product was fitted. The owners and their kids now had a surface they could enjoy all year and the muddy garden problem was now solved.

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