How to quickly improve your garden lawn

Rough looking garden lawn in WellingHow to quickly improve your garden lawn

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The Brief:

Using this customer in Welling, London as an example we show you how to quickly improve your garden lawn.

If you have time and want to keep real grass you could try improving the quality of the soil, removing trees and bushes that take away light from the garden, rake away the thatch and weeds, level the surface, add grass seed, water, fertilizer etc, etc but this will take you a lot of time and effort. Alternatively if you don’t want to wait months or possibly years for a great looking garden lawn like this customer you should try artificial grass. Combined with an expert installer you too can achieve a great looking maintenance free garden lawn in days.

This particular back garden had recently had a new sun deck installed. This now highlighted the grass area which was looking rather sorry for itself for it contained lots of weeds, lumps and bumps.

Our Work:

We began this project by raising the area so it was level with the top of the front wall. We achieved this by adding 2 tonnes of type 1 and 1 tonne of granite dust. This was levelled and compacted in before we fitted the Meadow artificial grass product.

The customer was delighted and highlighted how we can quickly improve your garden lawn.

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