Helping with a poorly draining lawn in West Wickham

Poorly draining lawn West WickhamComplete artificial garden West Wickham

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The Brief:

This garden in West Wickham, Kent suffered from poor drainage, so a specialist had been in, prior to our visit and added a French drainage system.

A lot of people have the impression that installing an artificial lawn will automatically rectify any ongoing drainage problems. This isn’t true. The sub base that we put in is free draining and will act as a ‘’holding area’ for the water whilst it permeates the substrate, however it doesn’t resolve long-term high water table issues and impermeable ‘pans’. Climate change is creating more and more drainage issues with very wet winters so always look to resolve these issues prior to starting your artificial lawn installation.

Our Work:

For this garden we added 40 tonnes of aggregates inside our timber fixings before fitting the Rectory grass.

The next job for the customer was an overhaul of the surrounding beds and planting plus the installation of a large summer house at the far end of the garden.

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