Helping with a complete garden makeover

The Brief:

We were asked to add an artificial lawn to this garden in Sidcup, Kent as part of a complete garden makeover.

A new deck had already been put in on the back of the house. Sleepers defined the edges of it ready for some structural planting. A patio will be positioned on the lower edges of the deck which is why we have set up the grass an inch higher. We completed our part of the makeover by fitting the Rectory artificial grass.

The photos below show our work from start to finish along with some great aerial views of the garden.

removing turf and top soil
Removing the turf and top soil from the garden
Adding membrane and type1
Aerial view of the membrane and Type 1 being added
Aerial view of the installed grass
Aerial view of the installed Rectory artificial grass
Digging out the groundworks
Digging out the groundworks
Type1 added compacted
Type 1 added and compacted
Complete garden makeover
Our part of a complete garden makeover finished

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