Artificial grass is a good surface for wheelchairs

This beautiful garden in Westerham, Kent became very muddy during the winter months and didn’t look its best.

Finding a solution to this was even more pressing as a member of the family used a wheelchair and the garden was becoming a no go area for them.

The solution was of course artificial grass! Fitted correctly it offers a good all year round surface for everyone in the family.

The heavy clay soil which was causing the muddy lawn had to go. In all 30 tonnes of it had to be removed. This was replaced with our high end groundworks.

The customer chose the Heath grass and the transformation was fantastic.

Big smiles all round!

Muddy winter lawn
Muddy winter lawn in need of help
Firm winter lawn surface
Good draining winter lawn
Clay soil removed groundworks in
Clay soil removed and the groundworks put in
Good surface for wheelchairs
Lawn suitable for the whole family all year round


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