Giving a retired Greyhound a new home and a new lawn

Our customer in Bexley, Kent had recently given a retired greyhound a wonderful new home. He now wanted to treat the dog to a new artificial lawn!

The problem with the present garden lawn was that it was covered in shade for most of the day. It therefore gets very muddy and the combination of dogs and mud is never a good. The lawn itself had a great shape to it and some intricate and fiddly timbering work was required to keep the shape and hold the aggregates in.

Luckily this was not a problem for the team at Perfect Grass Ltd. We set to work installing our usual high standard base. The customer chose the Outfield, a shorter pile which is brilliant for pets.

We now have another happy customer and a very, very happy Greyhound.

Existing muddy lawn
Existing muddy garden not suited to dogs
Great finish to lawn
Great finish to lawn
High end base down
New base to lawn down
Greyhound friendly grass lawn
A wonderful lawn for a Greyhound to retire in

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