Fixing a landscapers bodge job

A landscaper who had purchased grass from us proceeded to tell his customer that his poor installation was a result of the grass. Nothing like a workman blaming his tools! Needless to say this left their customer very unhappy. They called us to see if there was anything we could do.

We offered to help them sort out their garden at a very reasonable rate.

What this landscaper had done was fit a very poor base. There were no real fixings, the joins were awful, the sleepers they fitted were coming loose and there was a badly laid membrane on top. This catalogue of errors had lead to a sunken grass lawn that looked awful.

There was no real quick fix. We had to skip the grass, put in some new sleepers and refit some existing sleepers by concreting them in place along the fence.

Proper fixings were put in around the edges, more Type 1 was added and a proper granite dust layer was properly screeded to create a smooth top layer.

We had to put the membrane on top, not out of choice but we couldn’t get underneath. Finally the grass was professionally fitted, sanded and brushed.

The area had a very gentle slope but was now fully functional. This time it left the customer with tears of joy!

Poorly laid sleepers
Poorly laid sleepers from previous landscaper
Timber fixings put in
Secure timber fixings and sleepers fitted
Badly fitted grass
Badly fitted grass
Bodge job rectified
Landscapers bodge job fixed

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