Fitting grass on a roof terrace garden in London

Plain roof gardenCompleted roof garden terrace london

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The Brief:

We were invited to fit the grass on a roof terrace garden in London’s West End. The owner of this amazing multi million pound house had neighbours including Paul Weller and Paul McCartney and as you can imagine the place was beautiful. One area that did need a little TLC was the roof terrace. As it stood it was a bleak whitewashed space situated around the sky light of the ground floor kitchen. Although not a place that was walked on or sat in fitting the artificial grass would brighten up the space and bring a bit of garden colour into view.

Our Work:

As with many gardens we install grass in there were a number of adjustments we had to make when fitting the Outfield grass in this particular location. They were:

1. We had to create a precise finish and to not score the roof. To enable us to do this we cut the grass carefully by its backing .

2. We didn’t want to block the flow of water getting into the gully’s and drains so we had to make sure we didn’t over glue the grass. This would also make it easier to remove the grass in the future.

The end result speaks for itself. A polished roof terrace garden that matched the beauty of the rest of the house.

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