Fitting fake grass on a sloped garden in Maidstone

Sloped garden before artificial grassSloped garden with artificial grass fitted

The Brief:

The owners of this new build in Maidstone, Kent found that maintaining their sloped garden was very difficult. It was hard to manoeuvre the lawn mower and even harder to apply an even amount of water to the grass. They asked us to install an artificial grass lawn to solve their problem.

Our Work:

Before the work began the owners kindly organised the moving of 30 tonnes of aggregates to the top area. The aggregates were needed to give the fake grass a solid foundation on which to sit.

To keep the artificial grass in place on this sloped garden we needed to concrete in a number of heavy duty hanging timbers. We then added timber fixings also all around the perimeter including regular squares around the standard shrubs.

The Boundary was chosen for its realistic looks and soft fibres.

The end result speak for them selves and we are very happy to have put our name to it.

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