Fitting dog friendly artificial grass in Hornchurch

With the arrival of winter this large back garden in Hornchurch, Essex was starting to become wet and muddy.

Each time the family dog went outside he would come back into the house with muddy paws. This made the newly refurbished house dirty.

There were 2 options that the owners could take to solve this problem.

1. They could teach the dog to put shoes on when it went outside or

2. They could install a dog friendly artificial grass lawn

Grass garden lawnDog friendly artificial grass

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The Brief:

Our Work:

Having a dog friendly artificial grass lawn installed was probably the easiest and best option.

To achieve this we began by adding nearly 18 tonnes of aggregates to the garden to create solid foundations. Timber edging was concreted in around the perimeter. This not only stopped the base moving it helped us create some really fantastic curves.

The Spring artificial grass was installed which is great for dogs as it has a short, hard wearing 25mm pile.

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