Fitting artificial grass on a balcony in Parsons Green

This stunning Penthouse apartment in Parsons Green, West London had a huge wrap around terrace which had several different views and uses.

The owners initially wanted to grass the whole terrace but after I met with them we decided to use the artificial grass to define certain areas.

The areas we chose to grass were:

  • The relaxed seating area outside the kitchen. This was a great place to sit and watch the sun go down. A large dining area bordered this which I thought would be better not grassed as it already had a nice stone floor.
  • The central area which overlooked the Thames was the sunniest area of the balcony. It had 2 sun loungers which would look great on grass.
  • The final area that we suggested grassing was a place that was being used for growing tomatoes etc. The grass would simply make the area look more aesthetically pleasing.

I also suggested to the owners they introduce some rectangular planters filled with ornamental grasses as they are not only low maintenance they act as a good divider.

The grass fitted is the Outfield.

Existing wrap around terrace
Existing wrap around terrace
Artificial grass parsons green
Defining areas with artificial grass in Parson Green
Tomato growing area
Grassed tomato growing area
Sunny balcony area
Sunny balcony area
Grassed sunny area
Grassed sunny area with ornamental grass dividers
Looking out onto grassed balcony
Looking out onto the relaxed seating area on the balcony

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