Fitting artificial grass in Upminster

Worn out garden lawnFitted artificial grass in Upminster

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The Brief:

We were asked to supply and install artificial grass in Upminster, London for a family with 2 young boys. The beautiful back garden lawn was struggling to survive as it was regularly being used as a football pitch. The overhanging Willow tree was also an issue as it prevented enough light reaching the grass. The only option was artificial grass.


Our Work:

We dug out the area using our mini digger removing over 10 tonnes of turf and soil.

Our groundworks consisted of 3″ x 2″ treated timbers concreted in around the edge. A membrane to stop weeds, 2-3 inches of compacted Type 1 and then a top layer of granite dust.

The grass chosen and fitted was the Rectory. This left a stunning lawn that would survive being used as a football pitch or simply a place to relax.

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