Fitting artificial grass in Ladywell around an olive tree

Front garden lawn with olive treesFitted artificial grass in Ladywell

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The Brief:

We love all of our artificial grass installations but this one we did in Ladywell, South East London is one of our favourites!

This beautiful house was being let down by the appearance of the front garden. If the owners could sort this out their house would be just as they wanted it.

Our Work:

Even on a small front garden lawn like this we needed to put in 2 tonnes of Type 1 and 1 tonne of granno before attaching the grass. Great care was taken fitting the grass around the olive trees. We didn’t want to damage them and we needed to give them enough space so they could grow. The way we solved this problem was to make small wooden boxes to go round the trees. Once the boxes were positioned and we had placed timbers around the border of the garden we were able to fit the Grange artificial lawn.

The result is absolutely stunning!

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