Fitting artificial grass in Caterham

We loved fitting artificial grass for this family in Caterham, Surrey for they had a clear vision as to what they wanted their garden to look like. They wanted their back garden lawn to be shaped so they could combine their new artificial lawn with natural borders.

Following our brief we replicated their instructions to the letter.

The effort that went into the groundworks was of the usual high standard. The timbers were heavily concreted in to hold the shape of the grass when laid and to keep the aggregates in place.

The customer chose the Outfield grass product.

To complete the garden design the owner is going to fill the spaces in the borders with decorative stones and planting. I really hope they send us a picture once they’ve done that as I think it will look fab!

Standard back garden lawn caterham
Box standard back garden lawn
Shaped artificial lawn
Lawn laid with allowance for a border
Timbers fitted to hold shape of grass
Groundworks down and timbers fitted to hold shape of grass
Completed artificial grass lawn Caterham
Completed shaped artificial grass lawn in Caterham


  1. Hello,
    I am wondering if you sell off cuts 6×4 8×4 metres
    I am just looking for the cheapest alternative for a temporary fix in our garden, not even needed to be installed just laid on top of some type 1.

    • Hi there unfortunately we wouldnt have anything these sizes , as these get laid in peoples garden . We only have some old product 2m widths on the roll for £7 per sqm regards

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