Fitting artificial grass in a larger garden

Large garden with plenty of slopesFitting artificial grass in a larger garden

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The Brief:

Some properties even though they have a large garden the area never gets used that much because of the shape or the slope. It can seem quite expensive to alter a large garden so it often gets left. This garden in Chislehurst, London was a prime example of this.

The garden was a good 100 sqm in size but it really was unusable for children. It sloped from back to front with a big dip in the middle making it difficult to have a swimming pool, swing, trampoline or to play football in. We were asked to sort out the humps and hollows without breaking the bank.

Our Work:

To keep the costs down we looked at integrating anything we could into our groundworks.

On this particular job we had two shed bases and a path to integrate in.

We used heavily concreted in 6″ x 2″ timbers on the left hand side of the lawn. This allowed us to level the dip in the middle of the lawn by filling the area with 10 tonnes of Type 1.

Granite dust was used to create a nice smooth surface before fitting the Grange artificial grass.

I think this shows you that fitting artificial grass in a larger garden doesn’t have to cost the earth if you have an installation team who is flexible and creative with their work. The garden is now a place that will be used regularly by both the adults and kids.

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